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Improve your business by linking disparate data sources and automating routine tasks.

Your one stop shop for your end to end needs for data management in the Renewables and Waste Management Industries

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Site Manager

This is a tool to manage all things on site; from your maintenance, inventory, production data and also GHG emissions. Linking your disparate data sources in one neat solution.

Time & Project Manager

Managing your companies time couldn’t get easier. From time tracking, project management and profitability all in one simple solution.

Carbon Accounting

Used by some of the top businesses in the UK, Carbon Accounting is needed to measure your businesses Carbon Analysis, from Life Cycle Analysis to Carbon Tracking. 


Bespoke Software

Here we can provide everything from procurement to bespoke cloud-based solutions. We can develop and create a unique solution for every business. Using proper data handling techniques are vital for effective business functions, be it sales, marketing, or other day-to-day processes.


Delivering tailored IT Consultancy services businesses of all sizes, we can help you move forward using efficient and innovative strategies and implement solutions through our services.

Providing consultation on all levels of IT from Architecture, Cloud/On-Premise Databases, Business Intelligence, Integration, Recruiting and Digitalisation.

integrations, API & Webhooks

Our team is dedicated to integrating and implementing tailored solutions as per your business requirements. Using our customised integration services, we can fulfil all you business goals as well as needs.

Integrating and Implementing from Microsoft VBA, SAP, MySQL and more…

Sync Across All Devices

Everything you need to make your business grow fast!

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Web Application

Create On-Premise and Cloud Database Solutions that is designed and tailor-made to your business needs.

Mobile Applications

Creating applications dedicated to your business needs, using RFID, AI and Biometrics to ensure your business needs are met.

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Personalised Dashboards for every level of the business, being able to manage your business through one page.

Custom rules

Being able to create rules to control data structures. Allowing minimal human management to be required.

Automated Reports

Having the ability to automate and schedule reports, allows the workforce to focus on improving performance.

KPI Metrics & Graphs

Downloadable and editable graphs, graphing and KPI’s are easily viewed and are tailored for each level of the business.

What people say about us

“Zebra EM designed and built an end to end management system for our business. Combining multiple Waste Management Sites and Head Office, tracking tasks from Maintenance to Accounting.”

NHS Waste Management, London

“Zebra EM has revolutionised the way we manage our projects and time tracking. Being able to automate reports has reduced our workload allowing us to get on with more tasks”

Environmental Consultancy, Somerset

“Using Site Manager has allowed us to keep track of our maintenance and inventory logs. Moving from Excel has allowed us to combine multiple sources for easier data management.”

AD Plant, Devon

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